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Build On Your Lot

What is build on your lot?

Build on your lot is a unique program, where a buyer brings their land to us and we build a house on that land. Building a Kindred Home on your lot is a very different process than either buying an existing house or having a new house built in our communities. Read more below or call us at (877) 301-9255 for more information. Kindred Homes offers this program currently in the Dallas-Ft. Worth and San Antonio, Texas areas.  Call to see if your land will qualify for our program!

Key Steps and Important Information About Building A Home On Your Lot
The purpose of this is to give you the knowledge you need to achieve your goal of having a house built on your land. We want to empower you to confidently gather all of the necessary pieces together to make your dream home come to life.
Build On Your Lot Essential Steps
Step One

You will need to own a lot or property that is zoned for residential construction. Partnering with Kindred Homes provides you with all of the tools it takes to build your home. To begin, we need to determine if the land is suitable to build on and what needs to happen to prepare your land for construction. If you already own the land you’re planning to build on; you are ready for our team to assess your land. A visit from our construction team is a simple process in which our team members will meet you at your land for the initial assessment. From this assessment, you will receive an estimate of the site costs, for instance, the cost to clear trees, creating proper drainage, bringing fill dirt to create a building pad along with other items. Our construction team will guide you through all of the details in preparing your land for construction to begin.


Kindred Homes has partnered with HCP Mortgage, LLC (Texas) to provide you with programs that allow you to take the steps of financing a Build On Your Lot home all bundled into ONE LOAN.

Our team will consult with you on your budget to determine a down payment and monthly mortgage payment that meets your financial goals. Once you close on your construction loan, you will pay interest only on the amount drawn from the loan and advanced to Kindred Homes at a percentage of completion points in the project. Your construction loan is like a credit card that you use to pay for the work, which is secured by the estimated as-completed value of your new home. Once your new home is complete, the construction loan is modified into a typical permanent home loan with principal & interest payments.

Building Plans

Select a plan from our collection of floor plans, modifications can be made to make the plan fit your land. Your BOYL sales professional will assist you in the floor plan selection from our collection of floor plans. Need to move a wall, expand doorways, eliminate steps? Now is when you do that!


Whether you feel like you are the next Joanna Gaines or get lost choosing between two colors, Kindred Homes can guide you to make your design experience an effortless process. You will meet with our Design Consultants that will assist you in your selections to turn your house from a blueprint into a beautiful home. From the comfort of our relaxing showroom, you will be able to see actual samples of the materials that you will use to choose your flooring, cabinetry, lighting, stone and brick, all to give it your very own personal touch. The design stage is where a floor plan becomes your idea of home.