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Building Process

So You're Building A New Home

Building a new home doesn't have to be overwhelming. Kindred Homes wants the process to be simple, clear and straightforward. We are here every step of the way.

Our 10 Step Process

Step 1

New Home Sales Agreement

First, schedule an appointment with your new home consultant. At this appointment, you will finalize your lot reservation and floor plan. At this time you will also select any upgrades or options that you wish to add to your home. A contract will be prepared and a deposit requested. The documents and deposit will be forwarded to the title company. You may be required to send a copy of these documents to your lender.

Step 2

Loan Application & Approval

After your contract is accepted and processed, it's time to apply for your loan. Please schedule an appointment with one of our preferred lenders, HCP Mortgage for Texas and FBC for Florida, as soon as possible. During your application process, you will need to be prepared to submit several documents to the lender. Your lender should provide a complete guide to what they will need to complete the application. You have 30 days from the contract date to complete the application and receive final loan approval.

Step 3

Personalize Your Home

If your contract allows selections, you will meet with one of our design specialists in a design studio to help you every step of the way. See and feel the choices in cabinetry, fixtures, flooring, lighting, and more at our Design Studio, with a variety of choices all in one place

Step 4

Pre-Construction Meeting

You will meet your construction team for the first time at this meeting to review the floor plan, design selections, as well as the plot plan and location of the home and driveway on the site. At this time, the construction team will answer any questions you might have. It is essential to be prepared and make a list of questions you might have, as this is the last opportunity to make any changes.

Step 5

Construction Begins!

Construction is often the most exciting time in the building process. All of the hard work over the last few weeks will start to be visualized. During construction, we ask that you do not visit your new home without a Kindred Homes representative with you. Construction sites can be dangerous, and your safety is important to us.

Step 6

Pre-Drywall Meeting

Our construction team will call you to schedule a Pre-Drywall Meeting. Prior to the installation of the drywall, you will meet with your building team to see everything behind the walls and to review the location of your electrical, internet, phone or other outlets.

Step 7

Finishing Components

Brick by brick, stone by stone your house has come a long way. This is when your house becomes a home. The installation of carpets, blinds, and door hardware mean that your home is ready for the cleaners and your New Home Orientation.

Step 8

New Home Orientation

Upon completion of your home and prior to closing, you will have a final orientation with your construction team so they can demonstrate and explain products and features in your new home. This is also the time to review all finished surfaces such as cabinets, countertops, faucets, hardware, light fixtures, floor coverings, tubs, mirrors, windows, walls, etc., so that any imperfections can be corrected prior to closing.

Step 9

Welcome Home

Shortly before closing your construction team will meet with you in your home to review any items that might have needed correcting from the New Home Orientation. You will also review your home warranty and our customer service processes. Home maintenance items will be discussed with you at this meeting as well. Home maintenance is essential to keep your home in the best possible condition. Please do not hesitate to ask your sales or construction team any final questions.

Step 10


Before closing, the title company will provide you with details regarding dates, times and the funds needed to close. It is essential that you are prepared for your closing. A delayed closing will result in a delay of moving into your beautiful new home. At closing, you will be provided with the keys, and you will officially be a Kindred homeowner!